How to eat clean

How to eat clean



No matter how much time you spend exercising you simply can’t outrun your fork!

Losing weight is much more than just creating a calorie deficit. Calories in and calories out of your body doesn’t mean a thing if you consume the wrong kinds of food all together.

Where does the clean eating come from? 

Eating clean was a term commonly used and associated with body builders. Think about it for a second, your body builders  have the lowest fat percentage in any sport. This is why they appear so “ripped”,  like their skins are  vacuum packed around every muscle. A body builders fat percentage is between 2% to 5% compared to the average John on the street that have about 25%-30% body fat.

Clean eating enables them to drop body weight fast but still have an abundance of energy to push through their workouts to build more muscle.  Each meal is the perfect combination to fuel their bodies.

Is this diet only for body builders and men then? absolutely not. Woman all over soon discovered by having smaller portions to fit their calorie intake they too could also benefit by this way of eating.

Your ticket to a healthy lean body is most definitely by eating clean. If you start eating clean meals, drink more water and exercise regularly you can turn your sluggish metabolism into a fat burning machine!

Beautiful muscular man after bath.

What’s the benefits? 

The benefits go beyond just weight loss. You will most definitely have more energy, sleep better and did I mention that you won’t be hungry? Besides the obvious it is truly an inside out job, your health will increase and you will notice that your eyes looks brighter and alert, your teeth and gums will be healthy and your skin will glow!

Soon enough you will realize this is NOT a diet it is a lifestyle!


How do I eat clean? 

Eliminate processed and refined foods.

Keep it simple 

Eat breakfast everyday within an hour of waking up, this could be oats, eggs, yoghurt and fruits.

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day

Eat 5-6 small meals per day every 2-3 hours. This will ensure that you never feel hungry!

Eat fresh food – this means nothing in  a packet or manufactured or labelled low-fat.

Eat 2-4 cups of vegetables per day –  broccoli, green beans, zucchini, salads, spinach or kale, cucumbers and sweet potatoes are the best choices as they are lower in carbs, fat and high in fiber.

30% of your diet should come from lean proteins like chicken fillets, turkey, fish, lean cuts of beef, tofu, egg whites, cottage cheese and natural yoghurt.

Eat Protein with every meal, this will keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Eliminate starchy carbs like pastas, pastries and breads, stick to complex carbs rather have sweet potatoes, brown rice, corn or even the odd potato now and again.

Get your daily dose of fiber, nutrients and vitamins from your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Have 2-3 portions of healthy fats daily like canola and olive oils for preparing meals, avocados, almonds, olives and nut butters.

It’s perfectly fine to replace 2 or 3 of your meals with a good quality protein shake with low carbs. Natural protein shakes made from low-fat milk, natural yoghurt and fruit is even better.

And remember we are human! don’t feel bad when you have cake at the office party, just stick to the 80/20 rule in other words eat healthy 80 percent of the time and you will still have the health benefits.

Foods to avoid


Soda drinks and juice (loaded with sugars)

processed foods especially white flour and sugary foods

Artificial foods, such as processed cheese slices etc.

Trans fats

Happy clean eating!


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