Low Carb Spring-Onion egg rolls


Hello Egg roll!

If there was a little black dress for food, this would be it!

Did you know that the term “egg roll” is used to describe a variety of different fried foods, some more commonly known to us as spring rolls. So how about a “REAL” egg roll that contains no gluten? in other words, an egg roll that’s high in protein, suitable for LCHF, Keto, Banting, Paleo, Primal, Mediterranean, Clean eats and pescatarians!

Speak about little black dresses; you can dress this egg rolls up and down to your heart’s content. They are super tasty with a dip. Try one of the variations below that’s suitable to your diet of choice. Did I mention how perfectly they fit into lunch boxes? Your kids will adore them!

You will never feel deprived or left out again when it comes to party snacks either, in fact use a smaller pan and make a bunch of these egg rolls just for yourself.

Basic spring-onion egg roll recipe

Serves 4 

Preparation time 5 min

Cooking time: 20 min

8 large eggs

Spring onions chopped (to own taste)

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil or coconut oil for frying

Whisk the eggs, salt & pepper and spring onions together.

Heat a little olive oil or coconut oil in a pan on moderate heat.

Pour 60 ml of the mixture in the pan and swirl so that the mixture thinly coats the pan. A 60 ml measuring cups works wonderful here. The idea is to get them as thin as possible so adjust your liquid eggs according to the size of your pan.

Cook for a minute or two until the mixture has set and turn out onto a plate, roll.

To roll fold opposite sides to meet in the middle and roll up like a pancake from the other side.




Replace the spring onion with fresh parsley, basil, chives or garlic chives. 

Chop bacon, ham or turkey rashers into small bits, fry and add to liquid eggs before frying the egg rolls. 

Chop olives, sun-dried tomatoes into small bits and add to liquid eggs before frying the egg rolls. 

Add grated cheese or crumbled feta to the liquid eggs before frying the egg rolls. 

Dipping sauces

Dip #1 – Tomato and onion relish with finely chopped cooked bacon, ham or turkey rasher to dip plain egg rolls in. 

Dip #2 – Home made mayonnaise with chives, a dash of mustard powder or  a little tomato paste mix through to dip plain egg rolls in. 

Dip #2 – Home made sugar-free, sweet chilli dipping sauce. 

Dress it up

Grate cheese  and sprinkle on top of your plain egg roll just before rolling up.

Add sliver of avocado in the middle.

Soften cream cheese, add fried bacon bits and chives and spread on cooled egg rolls before rolling up for a party snack. 




2 thoughts on “Low Carb Spring-Onion egg rolls

  1. Hi there!

    I made these constantly in my Guest House in Kyalami – skinny omelettes! Very neat pic and recipe!

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    1. Hi Carolie!
      I bet they loved you for it! They look so beautiful and they fill you up like you can’t believe. I was so surprised when I flipped through a very old scrapbook of recipes I’ve collected about 15 years ago and came across these egg rolls. Don’t know why I never tried them before??? This is definitely my new happy meal. 🙂


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