Low Carb Salad Jars


How good does it feel being back in to a routine! I enjoy lazy holiday’s but enough is enough. I need to get to the gym and feed my body some luscious, crunchy greens.

This Jar Salad is one of my favorites. It is a very old recipe of mine and so simple to make. You can either make it in individual jars (great for lunch on the run!) or make it in deep clear bowl. This salad goes extremely well with grilled meats, so why don’t you make this show stopper for your next barbecue and wow the socks off your guest’s!

The original recipe calls for 1/2  a can of condensed milk mixed with the mayonnaise. But since I don’t consume any sugar I’ve simply replaced it with one individual packet of stevia sweetener. You can also use 1 tbs of Xylitol. You can leave the sugar substitute out completely, but somehow the sweetness of the mayonnaise ties the flavors together that you get from your minty peas, salty bacon and the cheese, all rounded off perfectly with the crunchiness of the carrots and lettuce.

Your salad will need to rest and it actually gets better as the ingredients “settle in”, in fact the original recipe calls for the salad to be left over night, but since we don’t use condensed milk in the recipe your mayonnaise might drop to the bottom and could end up looking like a bad water colour painting.

If you are making this salad for the next day’s lunch then I would suggest you make your salad the previous night without the mayonnaise. Have a separate container for you mayonnaise and simply spoon over before you eat it.




200 g bacon

2 cups frozen peas

1 mint sprig (optional)

1 lettuce head, roughly chopped

2 – 3 carrots, peeled and grated

1 – 2 cups cheese (As you like it)

1 cup mayonnaise (LCHF mayonnaise if you follow LCHF, Banting or Paleo diets)

1 sachet Stevia sweetener (or 1 TBS Xylitol)


Start of by frying your bacon until crispy and well done, Chop up and set aside.

Give the peas a quick cook (2-3 min) together with the fresh mint sprig and strain well, allowing to cool down completely.

Use 4 x 500 ml glass jars or 1 salad bowl.

Place the lettuce at the bottom and layer with carrots. Next add your peas and then the bacon and cheese.

Lastly mix your mayonnaise and sweetener in a separate bowl and spoon over the mixture.

top off with some chopped fresh spring onions.

Leave to rest for a few hours before serving.



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