LCHF – Spicy chilli, tomato chicken wings


The mere thought of switching the stove on AGAIN makes me dread dinner time. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, after all I’m constantly blogging about food! Perhaps it’s the realization that there is no more shortcuts when you follow a Low Carb diet.  No more convenient packets of sauce and dips, no quick shake with some exotic spice mix to jazz up your meat and no more freezer meals!

But, with that being said, I know for sure that I will never resume my old lifestyle again. So instead of sulking, suck it up buttercup and leave the “easy” meals for the lazy days when you are low on time or would rather watch Grey’s Anatomy while the food cook themselves.

This Spicy chili, tomato wings is right on top of my list of “easy” meals, despite a quick rinse your chicken wings really don’t need any further preperation. The sauce is super quick to assemble. The best part,  you can still buy  pre-cut veggies for your salad if you really, really don’t feel like chopping.  And trust me, any salad works well here but my ultimate favorite is a cool crisp cabbage salad.



Serve 4

+- 1 kg Chicken wings

150 ml water

4 Tbs tomato puree

1 Tbs Apple cider vinegar

Juice of 1 lemon or 3 Tbs pure lemon juice

3 Tbs Xylitol

2 Tbs crushed dry chili flakes

1 Tbs Paprika

1 Tbs Danhia and Jeera powder

1 tsp Pink himilyan salt

1 Tbs olive oil


Mix all of the above ingredients except for the olive oil and simmer for +- 5 minutes until reduced half in volume. Let it cool down and add 1 Tbs of olive oil. In the meantime preheat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius and add a splash of Olive oil to cover the bottom of you baking tray.

Coat the chicken with the sauce and transfer to the baking tray. Keep leftover sauce aside. Bake uncovered for 30 -40 minutes. Brush the left over sauce over the chicken wings and broil under the grill until crispy. Serve with your favorite salad.

Total Carbohydrate count: 3.7 g per portion (divided by 4 portions)

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