9 Tips to lose weight in 2016

# 1 – Reset every Monday


Maybe you feel a bit depressed or unmotivated at the moment. You look at the date and January 2016 is almost gone!

There goes your new year resolution of losing weight. Relax! Reset.

You still have 11 months of 2016 left to achieve your goals. You don’t need a new year, just a new week. Make every Monday count for the remainder of this year. Here’s my motto: It doesn’t matter how bad your week went, how badly you failed at your diet or how little workouts you have logged, RESET every Monday!

Spend an hour every Sunday to recheck your goals, your plans and your schedule for the following week.  This serves as a reminder and a revision of your action plan,  enabling you to recap on the past week and to improve your actions for new week ahead.

# 2 – What’s your plan?

You need a plan. Houses are build according to plans, weddings won’t happen without a plan, evil “plans”…get my point! And now you want to lose how much weight without a plan? Be realistic, you need to know how much weight you want to lose,  how you will do it, and by when you want it done! Write it down in your diary and recheck often. Did you make progress last week? If not establish why and how you can improve your efforts.

Perhaps you need to tweek your diet a bit or maybe incorporate a little more cardiovascular activity in your exercise regime.


#3 – Set realistic goals

What is a realistic goal? Losing 10 kg’s in month is not! It took you a couple of months or even years to gain that weight. A healthy weight loss will be 0.5 kg – 1 kg per week. Now before you burst into tears, do the math first.

If you can lose a minimum of 250 g of weight per week multiplied by roughly 48 weeks left for 2016. then that gives you a staggering 12 kg weight loss by December 2016 !!! Not too bad at all.


#4 – Schedule it

You definitely won’t start a healthy new eating plan without doing grocery shopping for the essentials, so why would you plan to workout without setting up a specific time.

Schedule it and stick to it like you would with any other appointment, your health is important! If you find yourself in the position where other people are responsible for your cancelled workouts, the boss asking you to work late, children needing transport etc. then I strongly suggest you get into the routine of working out first thing in the morning.

Remember to always have a plan B – If your going to be out-of-town for a few days then choose a hotel with a gym, or have a back up workout that you can do in your hotel room without any equipment such as planks, squats, push ups, get the idea?


#5 – Track it

Not sure how many calories you should consume on a daily basis in order to lose weight? Just enter your numbers on this nifty little calculator at the bottom of this webpage and voila!

Also check out apps like My Fat secret and My Fitnesspal that’s absolutely free and that you can also download directly on your smart phone as well.  This is also a very helpful tool if you need to determine what you can eat to stay within your daily calorie limit.  You can even keep track of your workouts on them!


#6 – Buddy up!

Sharing a Hamburger is always cheaper than buying one yourself. The same rule applies when you buddy up with a friend starting a new exercise regime or diet. Perhaps you have to cook separately for your family or your supplements cost an arm and a leg. When you have a buddy that follows more or the less the same diet as you, you can buy your foods in bulk which is much cheaper and share it, same goes for supplements or shakes.

Exercising with a buddy also have numerous advantages. Your workouts will be much more fun! you will have healthy competition and a cheerleader plus you can safe fuel by taking turns to pick each other up for gym.  The chances of you cancelling your workout for the day is also less likely to happen if you have a friend that will keep you accountable and rely on you, besides you don’t want to be the party pooper who cancels now, do you!

Be careful though, you still need to be motivated enough to workout on your own on that odd days that your friend is absent. Not going to gym or working out because your friend is not there defeat the purpose of a gym buddy totally.


#7 – Build healthy new habits

Set new personal rules for yourself. For example:

# Drink up all your water after a workout.

# Never have a meal without a protein.

# Don’t return to the kitchen for a snack after supper.

# Never eat more than a handful of nuts at a time.

# Never skip Monday workouts.

# Don’t finish the food on your children’s plates (don’t roll your eyes at me…it happens!)

Now go on make your own list. Try to incorporate at least one good habit each month.


#8 – Sleep more

Did you know that short sleep durations are associated with higher levels of ghrelin (appetite regulating hormone) and obesity.

You would think that staying awake would burn more calories compared to when asleep but a study on sleep showed that people literally burned fat while they slept. Two groups of overweight non-smokers were on a calorie restricted diet for 14 days consuming roughly 1450 calories per day. One group slept 8.5 hours per night and the other 5.5 hours per night. After 2 weeks the people who slept more lost more fat than the group who slept less. In fact 60% more muscle was lost in the sleep deprived group plus they woke up hungrier!

 Sleep also plays an important part in the recovery cycle when you exercise.  When we sleep we rejuvenate not only our minds but our bodies too.  During your workout your muscles will build up a number of microscopic tears on a cellular level which needs to be repaired in order to strengthen and grow the muscle tissue bigger. Sleep and nutrition goes hand in hand with muscle repair and ultimately building stronger and bigger muscles!


#9 – Forget about it

The all or nothing approach that is. Don’t get me wrong, you should be stubborn about your goals, very stubborn , but you need to be flexible in your methods.

There will be days that you don’t feel like working out, you might get sick, your kids might trow up just before you leave the door for gym, load shedding, whatever!  If you haven’t notice it yet, you are human, living in a world among other humans that you can’t control. Don’t trow in the towel just because you couldn’t work out for 3 out of the 5 days. Reset every Monday and give your best every time you give it, consistency is the key here. That silly little 20 minute workout you had in the hotel room still contributed to your over all fitness.

Do what needs to be done as often as you can but just don’t give up!


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