Winter Black Bean and Beef soup


For the past few weeks I’ve been secretly wishing for winter to make its grand appearance.

Having nostalgic memories of nutritious warm winter soups, scarf’s and boots, hot chocolate and my favourite coat, winter workouts, warm mint green tea, sexy red lipstick and fluffy warm blankets,  that is what I’m look forward too!

And then unexpectedly with a blustery wind the one day and below freezing point the next I was in my element because I had the perfect reason to make some black bean soup, which makes winter pretty official.

In all my life I  never truly understood the beauty of winter until living in the countryside.  The glorious morning mist, softly hovering above the streams with the dry willow trees resting so peacefully. The last scattering of dry oak leaves all over the streets and the amazing colour kaleidoscope of bright blue skies and shades of brown on the horizon.

Like every morning I’m grateful to be alive, to have what I need and to be blessed to have the ability to also see the beauty of each winter morning as the season slowly makes itself at home.

Enjoy this lovely winter black bean soup!


Black bean soup Recipe


Makes +- 5-7 litres

I freeze the leftovers,  but you can successfully half the recipe. 

500 g dry black beans (soaked overnight)

3 Onions – diced

1,5 Kg  Stewing beef

3 – 5 leeks (chopped and thoroughly rinsed)

15 ml Vegetable seasoning / spice

+- 20 ml olive oil

8 carrots ( peeled. 4 carrots roughly grated 4 carrots sliced)

5 potatoes ( 3 potatoes roughly grated  2 potatoes cubed)

300 g Butternut (peeled and cubed)

+- 15 ml salt (to taste)

1 Packet beef soup (gives the soup some lovely body but totally optional)

Soak the black beans overnight in enough water to cover the beans. Rinse and discard the water.

Sautee’ the onions, leeks and vegetable seasoning / spice in a little olive oil. Add the meat and continue to braise until all the meat is slightly brown.

Add beans and enough water to cover the soup ingredients. Cook on medium heat until the meat is soft and tender +- 1, 5 – 2 hours.

Add the vegetables and top up with some more water if needed and cook for +- 30 – 45 minutes or until soft.

At this stage you can remove the pot from the stove top and roughly mash the soup  a bit finer to break up some of the beans, potatoes and butternut.

Mix your soup mix with a little water and add to the soup with the salt.

Simmer for another 10 minutes.

Season with more salt if needed and a little white pepper.


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