Skinny Watermelon Milkshake


I’ts hot and humid and you’re thinking…. mmmm a Milkshake would be in order right now.

But it’s still early days in January and you’ve made a promise to yourself to stick to your diet, right?

Well cheers! Here’s a milkshake that is bikini approved. 

It’s got all the delicious sweetness of summer watermelon with a creamy consistency of a real milkshake from the banana and  the Greek yogurt.

There is a little prep work involved so make sure to freeze your fruit a day in advance.



1 cup lite coconut milk (could also use low-fat milk if desired)

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

3 – 4 ice cubes

1 frozen banana (sliced) 

2 Cups of frozen watermelon  (cubed) 

Add all the ingredients in the same order as placed above in your smoothie maker / food processor and whizz away!

Add a little low-fat milk if you find that the consistency is too thick.

Pour into glasses, add some funky coloured straws  to sip it up with and enjoy!