Cauliflower rice? nice!

Cauliflower rice

We actually needed a recipe to cook vegetables…   🙂

Therefore I won’t refer to it as a recipe but rather use my words selectively and say “method” instead.

Every time some fancy diet hits the market we end up with new ways to fool ourselves into thinking that we are eating carbohydrates. Same goes for the cauliflower rice which apparently started with the Paleo diet?

Well I certainly don’t mind, just wish I could find some spaghetti squash, that will make my day.

Enjoy your cauliflower rice as a substitute for rice in your dishes. It goes really well with a beef curry!


1 cauliflower head (raw)

5 ml Garlic and herbs seasoning (I’ve used the Ina Parmaans Garlic and herb seasoning)

1 tsp lite margarine (optional)

You can either use a cheese grater or your food processor, even a knife and some added effort can do the trick into chopping the raw cauliflower up in smaller pieces to resemble “rice like” texture.

Add the Seasoning to the cauliflower and mix through.

Steam for 10 – 15 minutes or cook for 10 minutes in a pot with water.

Add the margarine and stir through.

Serve hot