Because Breakfast should not be boring!


Please, not another day of oatmeal….

Yip, that was my thought exactly, so instead I’ve decided to indulge in a healthy high protein egg white omelette with a spinach, mushroom and cheese filling.  And to round it of  I’ve sprinkled some roasted black sesame seeds on top.

I almost forgot I had these black sesame seeds in my pantry, off course I’m obsessed with it now, they are just so darn pretty! don’t you agree?

Now go on! have some eggs for breakfast and remember omelets is great for supper too.




yields 2 omelets 

4 egg whites and two whole eggs

90 ml water

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup of frozen or freshly chopped spinach

1/2 punnet of mushrooms sliced

1/2 onion

60 g  cheese

Olive oil

tbs sesame seeds (roasted over a dry hot pan)

Fry your onions and mushrooms in a separate pan until brown and cooked through add the spinach and fry for another minute or two and set aside.

Beat the eggs and water together in a bowl and flavour with salt and pepper to taste.

Heat your egg pan and add some olive oil.

Add half of the egg mixture in your pan, cook on medium heat for a few minutes until the egg sets but still soft and moist on top.

Add half of the mushroom mixture and half of the cheese on one half of the omelette.

Flip other half over and fry for another 30 seconds until the cheese is melted.

Repeat process with rest of the mixture for the second omelet.

Serve hot and sprinkle with some sesame seeds before serving.

Now go on! have a omelette for supper too.