Fat free, Sugar free Jelly glasses

Jelly treat - no fat no sugar

Desserts, this can be a tricky one since the most enjoyable desserts are high in fat.

Here is a healthy alternative, sugar-free, fat-free jelly in two-tone, served with a piece of canned fruit (in juice not syrup) at the bottom of the glass. Just enough to hit that sweet spot.

Serve it in your prettiest glasses, you can also add a  dollop of low-fat custard to the top.

Watch out for the Fat free Jellies at your local grocer, I love this Simply delish Zero range. It needs no refrigeration, it’s suitable for vegetarians and diabetics, I’ts Gelatine free (Halaal approved), Tartarzine free with no added preservatives….did I mention it’s fat-free and sugar-free?  and most importantly it taste great.




2 different packets of Jelly

I’ve used Pineapple and Cherry flavour.

1 tin of fruit pieces in juice

Make jelly according to the instructions on the back of the packet.

Place fruit on the bottom of your glasses, I’ve use a Pear and a cherry for each glass. Pour the Pineapple jelly half way into your glass. In the meantime vigorously mix the cherry jelly with an electric beater until the jelly are full of air bubbles and foamy. Top the glass with the rest of the cherry jelly and let it set. Chill in the fridge until serving.


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