Rosemary and Orange Sunday Roast Chicken




Rosemary is probably one of the greatest herbs to compliment a Roast Chicken, pair it with Oranges and you have a winner Sunday Roast without much effort.

I’ts been said that a thriving Rosemary bush in a family garden indicates a female head of the household. Well I’ve got 3 different variations of Rosemary (Pink, blue and white)  growing in my garden and boy oh boy are they thriving!  Seems my husband’s allegations of me constantly wanting to wear the pants in the house might not be all that wrong.

Rosemary is also associated with memory were in ancient Greece students would adorn their hair with sprigs of Rosemary while studying….now I’m just wondering  how I would look attending my meetings with Rosemary in my hair, Greek Goddess!

And don’t forget that a sprig of Rosemary under your pillow will protect you from evil spirits and nightmares.


1 Whole Chicken 

Juice of 2 fresh oranges  

15 ml Robertson’s Chicken spices 

1 Sprig of Rosemary 

600 g Baby potatoes 

Rinse Chicken and rub with the Chicken Spices, place in your Roasting pan (with lid). 

Cut the Rosemary sprig in 3  pieces and place in the Roasting pan with the Chicken. 

Peel baby potatoes and add to the pan. 

Add juice of 2 oranges over the Chicken and the potatoes, place lid on and bake in 180 degrees oven for +-  1 1/2 – 2 hours until Chicken are super moist and soft and golden brown. 


11 thoughts on “Rosemary and Orange Sunday Roast Chicken

  1. Ohhhh my goodness. I love my Sunday Roasted Chicken! This looks great! I always use rosemary and butter– I’ve never tried oranges, though. I bet they’re awesome! Orange zest in the butter and then rubbed under the skin might be good too… I’m pretty hungry right now.
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    1. Hi Heather! will make sure I subscribe again, thanks for letting me know. You know you have a genius mind, orange Zest with butter under the skin, oh my goodness! that sounds divine, I’m so going to try that next time.


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