Healthy Energy Bars

Healthy energy bars

I firmly believe that one should have a little treat while on any diet or healthy eating program.

Why? Because we are human and we humans like sweet chocolate things! That’s it.

This is a great lunch box treat and it also qualifies for that chocolate graving attacks that sneaks up on you after eight at night just before bedtime, and that’s normally the time that my mind and body is divided in thought. If you ever had to talk yourself out of a slice of toast before bedtime you would understand what I mean!

I love this recipe because it contains all healthy ingredients, no sugar, just the natural sweetness of the dates and a crunchy bite from the nuts.

I have successfully halved the recipe since pitted dates only come in 250 g packets and because our family only consists of 3 minus the grumpy one that doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all!


300 g moist pitted dates – roughly chopped

250 g Cashew nuts

100 g Raw Almonds

50 g Cocoa Powder

a Pinch of Salt

2 – 3 tbs cold water

Spray a cookie sheet/tray with a non-stick spray.

Pulse the chopped dates, nuts, cocoa powder and salt in a food processor and process until the texture is coarse.

Add a little water at time until it forms a dough ball in the food processor. The consistency should still be fairly dry. Press into the pan and cut into squares. Chill for at least an hour in the refrigerator. Keep bars chilled in an airtight container.



Add 50 g of desiccated coconut to the mixture. 



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