Sunday Roast – 40 gloves of Garlic Chicken

Pickled Chicken

Garlic Chicken

This is no ordinary Garlic Chicken, the chicken has been brined overnight in a solution of water, sugar and salt.

The meat falls from the bone and the garlic adds a lovely depth to the dish. This recipe was published in the February / March issue of the  “Sarie Kos” Magazine.

The recipe calls for 250 ml dry wine which I didn’t have. I made it without the wine and still it was absolutely delicious. I’ve also seasoned my chicken with 10 ml chicken spices.

Brining is a method used similar to marinating chicken, it increase the moisture resulting a succulent piece of meat when cooked.

Garlic Chicken

Serves 6

125 ml Salt

125 ml Sugar

Enough water to cover the chicken

1 Whole chicken

40 Gloves of garlic (I’ve used only 20)

(Keep the skin of the garlic on to ensure the garlic flavor is not too overpowering)

1 Onion chopped into big chunks

4 Carrots cut into chunks

Celery stalks to taste cut into chunks

250 ml Dry white wine (I’ve added 125 ml water)

2 Sprigs of Rosemary

2 Sprigs of Thyme

3 Bay leaves

Freshly ground pepper

10 ml Chicken spice (optional)

(Add potatoes with the chicken if you prefer)

Use a container that is big enough for the chicken to fit into it. Add the sugar, salt and water and full the container making sure the Chicken is covered. Keep chicken in the fridge overnight.

Remove chicken from the solution and pat dry. Discard of the water solution.

Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the onions, carrots, celery to the bottom of a casserole. Add the wine / water and lay the chicken on the bed of vegetables. Add the fresh herbs and sprinkle with pepper and Chicken spice.

Bake for 2 hours until, remove casserole lid and grill for 5 minutes until Chicken is browned.



Instead of serving it with rice or potatoes serve it with toasted french bread. Spread the flesh of the roasted garlic on the french loaf.

Use the rest of the left over garlic to add some flavor to mashed potatoes, pasta dishes and sauces.



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