The Irene Village Market

Tall Trees

I’ts been a while since we’ve visit the Irene Market in Pretoria. The Irene Market is situated on the Grounds of the Smut House Museum.

What makes this market so special is the great entertainment it offers to children and adults alike, from camel rides and jumping castles to the fresh smell of baked goods and over 300 stalls.

The ambiance from being outdoors, walking through the tall trees sipping on a Red cappuccino and being visually entertained by the great arts and crafts from the exhibitors makes it more than just another market.

My favorite spot is by far the great food stalls that vary from Asian, indian to traditional foods, from Cupcakes to home-made venison pies and everything in between. Be prepared for a treat from the live entertainment while you enjoy your favorite foods. Did I mention that pets are also allowed?

Some of my favorite products is the Olives stuffed with nuts and garlic, the homemade pesto’s, olive tapenade, freshly baked rye bread and not to mentioned the home-made varieties of Cheese spreads.

My ultimate treat is all the spices available. I just had to buy a big bag of my favorite curry mix as well. The magic ingredient to this curry mix is the dry spices mixed with a blend of masala infused oil which makes it a moist mix with an unbelievable taste!

The next market date is the 28th of April, be sure not to miss it!

Irene market - Spices galore

Curry mix

Irene Village Market

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    1. Hi there! is there any other food markets that you know of? We’ve been to another one also in Pretoria couldn’t remember in which area they were. The food were soooo expensive R 25.00 per kebab! not big either let me tell you. I would love to make a point of it to get to at least one food market every two months. I’m always so amazed at what the people sell.


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