Ginger, lemon and honey tea

Ginger, lemon, honey tea remedy for flu and colds

I have flu and I feel really, really sorry for myself. This couldn’t have happened at a worst time. I’ve missed gym for two days ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Well when life hands you lemons you experiment with home-made flu remedies.

I’ve made myself a steaming cup of Ginger, lemon and honey tea. Although there is no tea in it, it is drank like a tea.

The ginger heat you up from inside, the lemon is a good source of Vitamin C and the honey acts a natural cough suppressant.

Read more about the health benefits here.

Look at this cheaky little visitor!

ย Serves 4

4 cups of water

4 tbs of lemon juice

2 tbs grated fresh ginger

Honey to taste

Simmer the water, ginger lemon and grated fresh ginger in a pot for 15 minutes. Pour into cup and add honey to taste. You could add less or more ginger if you prefer.


22 thoughts on “Ginger, lemon and honey tea

  1. I think it’s that time of the year. Yesterday it was sunny then spitting icy windy rain. We literally just made a big batch of this ‘tea’ yesterday as my daughter is sick and I’m drinking it as a preventative…and cause it’s just so good.


  2. Im a big supporter of the homemade cold remedy of a lovely honey, ginger and lemon tea. I tend to go heavy on the ginger as I find the gently heat of ginger helps with colds and coughs. Your photographs are great and I’m slightly in love with your coin spoon


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