Egg muffins for Breakfast?

Egg muffins

Day 1 of our 6 week challenge.

I had a fantastic cardio workout this morning, amazing what the body is capable of.                                                                               Two weeks ago I couldn’t manage 30 minutes of Cardio today I did 50 minutes!

I recently realized that my body doesn’t like Carbohydrates at all and that I actually tend to lose weight  faster when consuming more veggies and protein. Let me just say that I’m a carb junkie and the though of cutting it out completely is just too much for me to tolerate right now.

Instead I’m aiming at replacing my carbs in the morning and my late afternoon snack with a just a protein. This egg muffins is perfect for breakfast or a high protein snack. It can keep for up to a week in the fridge.  I eat at least 4 for breakfast and later in the morning I will have a low-fat yogurt and a fruit to keep me satisfied up to lunch time.

Recipe – 12 Muffins 

6 eggs

Spring onions

2.5 ml Robertson’s Veggie spices

 A dash of  freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup of low-fat Cheddar cheese

Grease a muffin pan or coat with a non-stick spray. (silicone muffin pans also work great, I seriously need to buy one!)

Beat the eggs together, grate the cheese and add with the remainder of the ingredients to the eggs.

Full muffin pan with mixture and bake for +- 15-20 minutes.

The rise beautifully just to fall flat when you take them out of the oven… 🙂



For variation add one of the following ingredients;

Chopped Green, yellow and red peppers, chillies, bacon, mushrooms, onions, chopped spinach,

chopped tomato and onion.



26 thoughts on “Egg muffins for Breakfast?

    1. Hi there! Bacon and eggs oh yeh! I have a million ways how to eat eggs, perhaps I should start blogging about it! lol. Try them they are really low in fat because you don’t fry anything and you don’t have to eat the bread with it either it taste great on it’s own also.


  1. I had fish and a serving of pasta.. *hangs head in shame* LOL truth be told I need to go grocery shopping and stock up on my veggies, right now all I have to eat aside from the protein in my chicken or fish is loaded with carbs..


  2. Hi, i am going to make these muffins today, they look so delicious, i am also trying to lose a couple of kilos. what does your cardio workout entail. thanks


    1. Hi Charlene, Well it consist of 55 minutes of Cardio and I’m suppose to do a 1-2 sets of the super circuit which I skip on my early shift due to the time. My cardio is as follows: 10 Minute on the bicycle (level 3) 15 Minutes on the epileptic machine, 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the rower. I also have some abb’s that I need to do but up until now I’m just still to unfit to manage, hopefully by next week I will be able to do my full workout routine. I think my trainer must have thought that I’m fit already when he worked out the program for me…lol.


  3. ooh i like. i am trying not to eat carbs too so these are prefect. they even look carby so my brain will be conned.


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