Tomato and Olive Braai bread



Okay, this should be the last indulgence for the week.

You simply have to” braai” before you start your diet, and what is a “braai” without the bread?

Try a new twist on an old South African Saturday tradition. Instead of individual sandwiches we will cut the bread in length and add some olives just to even the playing field. This is so much quicker and easier and yield the same results as individual “braai broodtjies” and the olives and Mozarella is an absolute winner!

Tomato and Olive "braai" bread

Serve 6

1 x loaf of bread (white or brown)

Garlic butter for spreading

3 x tomatoes

Spring onions

100 g pitted Kalamata olives

Salt and Black pepper

4 tbs Chutney

250 g mozzarella cheese


Cut your loaf of bread length ways. You will get about 6 slices out of a loaf, we will only be using four. Spread the slices with the garlic butter.

Cut the tomatoes in slices and add to two halves. top with some chopped spring onion, salt and pepper and finish off with the olives.

Top with the mozzarella cheese. Spread the chutney on both sides of the other halves and assemble the sandwich. Place in between your BBQ hand grid and “braai” over hot coals, until bread is toasted and cheese melted.


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