Ginger, lemon and honey tea

Ginger, lemon, honey tea remedy for flu and colds

I have flu and I feel really, really sorry for myself. This couldn’t have happened at a worst time. I’ve missed gym for two days ­čśŽ

Well when life hands you lemons you experiment with home-made flu remedies.

I’ve made myself a steaming cup of Ginger, lemon and honey tea. Although there is no tea in it, it is drank like a tea.

The ginger heat you up from inside, the lemon is a good source of Vitamin C and the honey acts a natural cough suppressant.

Read more about the health benefits here.

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 Serves 4

4 cups of water

4 tbs of lemon juice

2 tbs grated fresh ginger

Honey to taste

Simmer the water, ginger lemon and grated fresh ginger in a pot for 15 minutes. Pour into cup and add honey to taste. You could add less or more ginger if you prefer.