Home-made tomato ketchup

Home made tomato sauce

Do you have any idea how good home-made tomato ketchup can be!

I’m an advent fan of Jamie Oliver’s cooking.  I mean what is not the like, the bloke is funny, charming, good-looking and he can cook! (I still love Gordon Ramsay more but that’s mainly for my weird obsession with the man…I find him strangely attractive).

Jamie always impress with his home-made recipes and this Tomato ketchup is one of them.

The only ingredient I couldn’t find was a fennel bulb (countryside, do I need to explain!). Off course it is virtually impossible for me to follow a recipe so I did add 40 g of tomato puree right at the end where you cook the sauce before pouring it into your bottles, use it don’t use it.

Jamie’s Recipe



 Make sure you have two hours to spend in the kitchen.

Don’t skip the part where you have the sieve the sauce twice, you will be amazed how many tomato seeds are still left in the sauce.



8 thoughts on “Home-made tomato ketchup

  1. I love this,I’ve never made tomato ketchup but am definitely going to try it now, thanks! Oh and I am secretly in love with Gordon too, it’s so wrong but strangely right!! 😀


  2. My wife is a big Jamie fan.
    I use little ketchup, my wife uses little ketchup, but my daughter would eat a plate full of it for dinner.

    It would be interesting to make your own ketchup without all of the sugar that comes in the premade ketchup


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