Chicken and Pineapple “Potjie”

Chicken and Pineapple potjie

What is summer without a potjie?

Slowly but surely the weather is changing and one of these days it will be winter again, my favorite season! Now don’t get me wrong I like summer especially when it comes to the vegetable garden, or just relaxing next to the pool, what I don’t enjoy is all the mosquitos.

My husband is actually the Potjie King but since he was to busy installing the laminated flooring for me I decided to make a Chicken pineapple potjie to reward him with.

If you don’t have a potjie don’t be discouraged to try the recipe, even on the stove the interesting flavor from the pineapple and Ideal milk with the chicken will leave you craving for a second helping.


1 Kg Chicken pieces

500 g baby potatoes

300 g baby carrots

200 g baby corn

200 g courgettes

200 g patty pans

200 g butternut

250 g mushrooms

200 g shallots

1 onion

1 tbs Robertson veggie spices ( optional)

1 tsp Salt and pepper to taste

 Oil for frying

2 tbs Chicken spices

1 tin Ideal milk

2 tbs Bisto powder / Flour to thicken the sauce

1 tin pineapple pieces in syrup

250 ml water

Get your coals ready before preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Prepare all veggies by rinsing and cutting into smaller pieces, keep aside. Rinse your chicken pieces and rub with the chicken spices, set aside. Slice the onion, remove skin from the shallots keeping them whole and add with the mushrooms.

Assemble your potjie over the hot coals and allow to heat through.

As soon as your pot is hot enough fry the sliced onions, whole shallots and the mushrooms in a little oil.

Remove mushrooms and onions and set aside.

Add the Chicken pieces to the pot and fry for a few minutes until brown.

Add the mushrooms and onion mixture. Add the vegetables,  salt and pepper and the 250 ml water to the pot. Cook for +- 30 – 50 minutes with the lid on until the potatoes are soft.

check often and lift the pieces from the bottom with spoon allowing the liquid to flow back to the bottom of the pot,  but don’t stir. You could add a little more water if need be to ensure that pot don’t cook dry.

As soon as the vegetables are done (and the neighbours are in comatic state of the lovely smell escaping from your yard) add the tin ideal milk keeping about 1/3 tin aside to mix with the bisto / flour.

Mix the bisto / flour with the remaining ideal milk to form a smooth paste, add to the pot. Add the Pineapple pieces + the juice to the pot. Gently stir your pot and cook for another 15 minutes without the lid until the sauce have reduced.

Enjoy with rice.