Juicy beef and spinach meatballs

Juicy meatballs while trying to lose weight, I say why not!

The winner ingredient in this recipe is the spinach that keep the meatballs moist and succulent.

Enjoy this meatballs with (little) rice and veggies of your choice.


750g Lean beef minced meat

1 tsp spices of your choice

1 tsp dried chopped chilies (to your own taste)

+- 1/2 bunch of spinach

1 medium onion

1 garlic glove

In a food processor chop the spinach, onion and garlic.

Mix with the rest of the ingredient and roll into 12 balls.

Bake in the oven  until golden brown on the outside.

Each meat ball is equivalent to 1 protein portion



Left over meatballs makes a great late afternoon protein snack.

Baking meatballs is much better than trying to fry them in a pan.

Bake your meatballs in your muffin pan.



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